Siska Yuniati: Need for Research for Writing Fiction

BANTUL, Indonesia (Abasrin.com) ~ A literary work is written based on the social life of the community. Therefore, a poet, short story writer, and novelist, require data to write a creative work. To obtain the data, a writer or a poet should do a research.

It was submitted by Siska Yuniati in Creative Writing Workshop held by the Indonesian MGMP MTs Bantul (15/9/2015). Siska, who in 2010 received two awards from the Indonesian ICT Partnership Association and also from the Language Improvement and Development Agency of Education Ministry of Indonesian Republic for her linguistics and literary works, revealed that without the support of the data, a work of fiction does not have the power.

In line with that, Siska exemplifies, a phenomenal novelist Dan Brown who had to cross the state border, entrance to the Vatican, even need to learn certain sects in order to have an understanding to describe a variety of things in his novel. Therefore, regardless of the controversy it caused, Angels and Demons, The Da Vinci Code, The Lost Symbol, Inferno, and other works got huge responses. In her own country, Siska exemplifies Abidah El Khalieqy; women writers who went to Poso for the sake of writing Akulah Istri Teroris.

Regarding her own work, Siska revealed that the short story "Bercengkerama Senja di Stasiun Bantul" is a work with Bantul Railway Station as the setting. To make this work, she must visit the former Bantul Railway Station and conduct special interviews exclusively to the residents around the station. The short story won a national short story writing competition in 2009.

The workshop held at MTs Negeri Giriloyo was the second meeting of the workshop series organized by the Indonesian MGMP MTs Bantul in 2015. The event was held at 08.00 to 15:00 pm accompanied by discussions and short story writing practices. [sb/Laili NR/Hermawan]